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Thank you for all the support,  given the % of precincts that have reported Keating is the winner. It was a great run. I learned much but more importantly met so many great people. It is because of the people that we have done as well as we have. For a complete unknown non-party candidate  to come on scene and get above 10% of the vote is unprecedented. That in and of itself is a messege to those in Congress work for the people who put you there. I am honored and humbled to have been able to share my views, and can only say that this is only the beginning.




The Herald News endorses Daniel Botelho for the 9th Congressional District seat.


The new 9th Congressional District, encompassing a relatively small, but  populated swath of Greater Fall River, may hold the opportunity for the type of  change that voters seem to crave but rarely realize.

With no incumbent currently occupying the 9th, the heir-apparent has been  U.S. Rep. William Keating, a former Norfolk County District Attorney who was  elected in 2010 as a Quincy resident to represent the 10th District. Facing a  primary challenge from U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch in what became the 8th District,  Keating earlier this year packed up for a family summer home in Bourne to run in  the 9th, arguably a politically opportunistic move.

But if expediency is the hallmark of the Democrat in this race, both the  Republican — Plymouth’s Christopher Sheldon — and Independent candidate and Fall  River resident Daniel Botelho demonstrate a refreshing lack of the  politics-as-usual mindset.

Both self-described fiscal conservatives with backgrounds in finance, they  agreed on most points during a recent Editorial Board endorsement meeting, which  Keating repeatedly refused to participate in.

Sheldon, however, seemed to lack an understanding of Greater Fall River,  grouping the city with New Bedford’s interests, rather than recognizing Fall  River’s unique identity, challenges and opportunities. Botelho, a lifelong Fall  River resident, has personal knowledge of the challenges facing our city and  region, an advantage he’s smart enough to often underscore.

Articulate and polished with some interesting ideas, Sheldon tends to stick  to the Republican orthodoxy. Botelho, a bit rougher around the edges, offers a  more energized approach. As an independent, Botelho pointed out, he would be  able to work more effectively with leaders of both parties to represent the  district’s interests. In many ways, Botelho is the embodiment of the “people’s  candidate.”

Botelho said he has “a score to settle” regarding trade policies that  deep-sixed his parents’ garment industry business. He is earnest and passionate  about his desire to be part of the solution, and he is clearly not afraid to  speak his mind. Botelho is determined to be a strong advocate for SouthCoast  interests and challenge the status quo, while the other candidates seem much  more likely to serve as rubber stamps for their respective parties and merely  parachute in for photo ops.

While the U.S. Congress is a giant leap for Botelho to take in his first run  for public office, he gives voice to the frustrated masses wearied of career  politicians and broken partisan politics. Instead of complaining about it,  Botelho jumped into the 9th Congressional District race in order to change  it.


Herald News Editorial Board
Posted Nov  01, 2012 @ 08:00 PM





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Daniel Botelho for Congress



I unfortunately could not reach, Natalie of South Coast Today, in time for comment, but all who contributed to my campaign either live or work in our district. Additionally, I have had 40 plus people contribute to the campaign, but the FEC does not list names that I provided if the amount donated is less than $200. Many people gave $10 to $20. Times are tough so to push people to donate what they cannot afford to is just wrong. I want to thank all who have donated, together we will make a difference. Click here for entire article at South Coast Today

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